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Get Fitter

1040+ workout videos & fitness plans

+ Expert fitness instructors that will help
you to burn fat, tone up or build muscle.
+ 1000s of accessible home fitness videos that make
keeping fit simple
+ 100s of fitness plans designed to fit around your busy lifestyle
+ All the inspiration and guidance you will ever need
to get the body you deserve
be happier

Be Happier

950+ inspiring articles, videos & blogs

+ Constant support from our expert team of Ambassadors,
helping you to achieve your desired goals
+ Inspirational content added daily showing you simple and
achievable ways to live a healthier & happier life
+ Expert advice teaching you how to feel great, look fantastic
and be the happiest you have ever been
+ An exciting new approach to weight management and
wellbeing with everything you need all under one roof

Eat Healthier

3280+ healthy recipes & 230+ diet plans

+ Expert Dietitian support helping you to understand
why other diets don’t work
+ 1000s of inspirational recipes and simple to follow diet plans
+ Guidance and support on how you can lose, maintain or gain weight
+ Learn how to get the body you want without ever having
to count a calorie again

Free Nutrition Content

Free Nutrition Content

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What is your goal?

Choose the programme that works for you


  • Lose weight safely & sustainably

  • Get fit and get in shape
  • Improve health & happiness


  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Sustain your fitness level
  • Optimise health and happiness


  • Gain weight healthily
  • Build your strength
  • Maximise health & happiness

Free Fitness Content

Free Fitness Content

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Free Health & Self Content

Free Health & Self Content

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Meet Our Experts

Dedicated to getting you fitter, healthier and happier

Dr Hilary Jones


I'm Dr Hilary Jones, a GP, TV presenter, medical broadcaster, author and public speaker. In Switch Health I will be guiding you on your journey to optimum health, so that you can live your life to the full."

Emma Kenny


"Hi, I’m Emma Kenny, a registered psychological therapist, broadcaster, columnist and TV regular. In Switch Self I will be teaching you how to form effective and long-lasting change so that you can become the best you possible."

Faith Toogood


"I'm Faith Toogood, a registered dietician, broadcaster and specialist in the field of weight management. In Switch Nutrition I will be teaching you everything you need to know about food and what your body needs."

Elise & Stuart

Personal Trainers

"Hi there, we are Stuart & Elise, fitness specialists, personal trainers, regular columnists and TV presenters. In Switch Fitness we will help you to achieve your desired fitness goals and find the right plan for you."

Meet Our Experts

Dedicated to getting you fitter, healthier and happier