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I’m Dr Hilary Jones, a GP, TV presenter, medical broadcaster, author and public speaker. In Switch Health I will be guiding you on your journey to achieving optimum health, so that you can live your life to the full. I have dealt with the nation’s health issues for nearly thirty years now and believe that optimum health leads to optimum happiness. For me, Switch is all about evolving and consistently learning so that we can move forwards together, as a community.

Arts and Science A-levels guided me towards a medical degree (tinged with elements of Shakespeare and Dickens). I became a doctor at 23 and honed my craft working in A&E, surgery and oncology. Since then I have been a medic on some of the most isolated islands in the world and, over the last 25 years, have made a career for myself by being thrown in at the deep end on mainstream TV! After many years in the trade I still love my job and truly believe that you really can learn something new every day. I also believe strongly in keeping fit, practicing what I preach… and living the dream.


   Prescribing exercise rather than medication
   Putting health on school curriculums
   Making people 'better' and happier
   Using humour, as well as compassion, in medical care

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