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Hi, I’m Emma Kenny, a registered psychological therapist, broadcaster, columnist and a regular on your TV screens. I believe in forming effective and long-lasting change to help you become the best ‘you’ possible. So, whatever you want to change, improve or discover in your life, Switch can give you the strategies, support, motivation and self-belief that you need. No more negative thinking, no more faddy and complicated diets, no more feeling broken by your relationships… it’s time to make your Switch today for a healthier and happier you.

Growing up, I was a complete tomboy – I fell out of trees, always had muddy knees and generally lived outdoors. As a young woman, I worked my way around the world on a shoestring budget. I love adventure; it’s something that’s stayed with me since childhood. I knew from being a teenager that I would one day work therapeutically with people. I get an enormous buzz from watching others become their best. I have two gorgeous boys (who treat me as their taxi driver), a dog-called Poppy (who thinks she is human) and a fabulous man (who believes I am his personal chef). For me, life is all about good food, regular exercise and great relationships.


   Challenging people to be the best they can be
   My children
   Teaching others the skill of agency

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