Switch To Low Sugar Healthy Plan (1400kcal/d)

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by Faith Toogood


by Faith Toogood


  • For anyone who wants to lose weight whilst eating delicious food, but without the added sugar! Plenty of lean protein, healthy fats and fibre-rich veggies, this is a tough but worthwhile week that will have you retraining that sweet tooth in no time. In this series of plans, we have cut the sugar, but in a sustainable and realistic way, so it is more doable than some of the extreme sugar-free diets that will have you going crazy reading every label. Simple meals, all cooked from scratch, so no label reading. Just good, healthy food and plenty of it! Fruit is allowed, but there's more of a focus on loads of veg; you can have some good wholegrain carbs too. Enjoy!

  • Switch Category: Shape

  • Cooking For: 2

  • Spice rating: Mild

  • Complexity: Easy

Dietary Preferences

  1. Diabetes Friendly

  2. Heart Health Friendly

  3. Low GI (Glycaemic Index)

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